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Natural Cosmetics Brand Powered by Elipack – «Έαρ»

In 2021 our company has expanded its activities to the production and distribution of natural cosmetics. Our brand is called Έαρ Cosmetics.

Έαρ Cosmetics has been conceived to offer to you natural and eco-friendly cosmetics coming from nearly 100% of natural products with unique, pleasant, and delicate scents from nature.

Inspired by the Cypriot nature and the season of Spring which is a time where for the Έαρ Team has become a limestone since Έαρ means Spring in the ancient Greek language.

Spring for us is the rejuvenation, the new beginning, the blossoming, and our target and wish is to pass all of these, the renewal and the feeling of vitality after each use!

Έαρ brings the Spirit of Spring into your life!

Specially made for you who respect your own skin!