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Bottling Solutions

Whether you need a new piece of equipment or a full bottling line, we can help you with rinsers, fillers, monoblocs, corkers, and capping equipment. We can offer a multitude of manual, semi-auto, automatic bottling system options, Counterpressure Bottling Systems and Labelling systems.

Bag-In Box Filler

Our company offers diverse solutions from semi-automatic to automatic equipment for the filling of bags in box.

Bottling Solutions
Automatic Bottling System

Οur company offers a range of turnkey gravity and counter-pressure bottling systems. Whether you are looking for filler / corker monobloc, rinser / filler / capper tribloc, or even rinser / filler / corker / wirehooder quadbloc, Elipack has the solution you need.

Every bottling line is built with 304 stainless steel along with high-resistance plastic materials that enable easier cleaning, sterilization and maintenance.

Elipack is an official distributor of GAI Macchine Imbottigliatrici.

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