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Grapes reception & pressing equipment

Destemmer crushes
Destemmer crusher

Elipack offers many different styles of destemming equipment and destemmer crushers to fit any budget.

Whether you are looking to just destem your fruit, or looking to preserve as much whole fruit possible, Elipack has something to fit your needs. In our company you can find manual amateur crushers, electronic-manual amateur crushers-separators of grapes and professional crushers- separators.

All our machines respect the flesh and do not hurt it.


In our company you can find a variety of presses in various sizes and types.

We have manual wooden-operated wine presses, manual hydraulic presses, electrically powered hydraulic grape presses, vertical presses as well as pneumatic presses for grape pressing and output of small or large quantities of juice.


In our company you can find many customizable elevator options. No matter what style of product you plan to move, distance, or budget you have, Elipack will find a system that works for you and with your winery equipment.

Sorting systems

Elipack can supply the Cyprus market with machines used for sorting grapes. Sorting systems are used to remove spoiled grapes unripe bunches, leaves and other foreign bodies from the grape without hurting their flush.

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