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Ethics Policy

Why is stating our Ethics important?

We firmly believe that just stating our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is not enough. Our Ethics is something that runs right through the company, and is something that we hold ourselves accountable to.

Our corporate Code of Ethics reflects the commitment for Elipack Ltd to obtain and maintain a reputation for honest, ethical conduct toward our customers, our suppliers, our staff and our competitors. Employees of and contractors to this Company must observe the highest standards in all business conduct because we want to be known as a Company that can be trusted, relied upon to do what is right and honest, and held in high esteem by all we have dealings with because of our values.

We believe that this is the pathway to long term success.

This Code of Ethics contains a description of areas where our principles should affect our behaviour. It may not cover everything but will describe the environment and culture that we seek to create within the organisation.


Our company’s ethical standards comply with the working conditions, staff employment and business trading which are legal requirements. The company pursues to operate in an ethical culture.

Work Environment

Our aim is to work in a pleasant, productive, healthy and safe environment where there is no harassment and discrimination regarding age, national origin, disability, etc.

Various ways can damage such working environment where co-worker might feel threat, distraction or even uncomfortable. However, in such cases the manager of the company should be informed in order to take measures accordingly and find out how to deal with it.

Accurate and Honest Communication

An important policy in our company is that all emails, letters, claims, etc. against suppliers, marketing information, etc. should be accurate and clear of insinuations and exaggeration Statements should be honest and fair and not misleading.

We do not support misleading those to whom we are communicating. Nor do we gain any long term benefit from running down competitors, co-workers, or any of our trading partners in front of others. The reverse is actually the case; if we communicate positively, those who hear us will be impressed by the absence of negativity and criticism and will come to trust us more.

Our advice to suppliers, business partners and customers according to this Code of Ethics, is that if there are any accounting errors or clerical as soon as they come to our attention, we correct them by refunds, credits, etc.

Customer Relationships

The relationships with our customers are one of the most significant things. Our aim is to deal with faith, represent our services and products accurately and our comparisons with competitors should be made fairly and finally we make promises only if we are able to deliver them.

In our appointments we must be punctual and our office appearance must be tidy and clean.

Our aim is to have friendly and good relationships with our customers and communicate frequently and helpfully. We have nothing to gain if we sacrifice such relationships for short-term gain so when we compete for new business we must do it in the right way since a transaction that offers an immediate benefit but at the expense of customer satisfaction is never worth it.

By trying to offer this excellent service to our customers in order to meet their needs and demands we can become successful and avoid ‘bad-mouthing’. The relationships with customers are extremely important.

Relationships with Suppliers and Competitors

We compete strongly in the market place but ethically as well. These expectations need not conflict, nor do they preclude cordial relationships with our competitors. There is no need to disparage the competition before others. It will not convey to the hearer the type of company we aspire to be.

In order to comply with the law, when meeting with competitors, we will avoid any discussion of pricing, contracts or marketing policies with competitors, unless we are working on a joint venture with them. Such sharing of information can be considered to be forming of a cartel or creating unfair competition which is illegal.

We will not adjust our own Code of Ethics on the grounds that a competitor has acted unethically. “We do what’s right because it is right.”


Fraud is an act or intent to lie, cheat steal, etc. It is a criminal act. In cases where there are intentional acts of fraud these can lead to the termination of employment and possible further legal resource. Such cases are treated very seriously by our company.

Taking a product that is proprietary to another company and pretending that is ours is dishonest.

Complete honesty is fundamental to our Code of Ethics.

Accounting and Financial Reporting Laws

The company is required to follow strict accounting principles and standards, to report financial information accurately and completely, and to use appropriate internal controls and processes to ensure that accounting and financial reporting complies with the law.

We place a high value on the integrity and accuracy of our records, which are maintained in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and regulatory requirements.

The rules for accounting and financial reporting require the proper recording of and accounting for revenues and expenses.

Helping the Global Community

The Company already gives 10% of profits to a charitable trust. In addition to this, to encourage charitable activity by our great staff, the Company’s Executive Management Team will look at ways to support those who are giving personal time, effort and money to charitable causes. Ways in which that help might be expressed could be by releasing a staff member on unpaid leave for a temporary project, making donations in addition to the staff member’s own, sponsorship at charitable events or adopting a charity for special support for a year.