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Plastic boxes / Plastic pallets / Pallet boxes for various industries

As part of our company’s expansion plans, we have developed an e-shop for online sales named in which we have integrated the trading of plastic crates – boxes – pallets – boxes – pallet boxes used in the packaging – handling – storage of food in restaurants, cafes, patisseries, catering, hotels, butchers, fruit shops, supermarkets, retail stores, pharmacies, nurseries, offices and schools.

The European market has ranked us among the most specialized in returnable – reusable plastic packaging solutions.

Certainly, we are the leading company in Cyprus in the quality and variety of plastic containers for food, sweets and drinks with over 150 different solutions. We can ship all over Cyprus from one piece to large quantities with logo printing (minimum order required). We promise friendly and professional service, combined with quality construction and affordable prices.

For more information visit our eshop at or send an email to