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Technical Integration

We are always on-call for any assistance when customers face any technical problems.

Our technical support team is composed of individuals that are familiar with the machinery and equipment that we deal with.

With this knowledge, we are able to troubleshoot all problems that customers experience.

Our team is technically qualified and trained to provide assistance in the installation, operation, and maintenance of any equipment.

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Design and installation
  • After-Sales Service and Technical Support

Consultancy, from ``Inception to Completion``


Customers are the source of real growth and by knowing our customers, growth came along.

Putting our customer at the centre of our business, handling each one of them individually with their unique needs, is our first rule for getting higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

Through clear objectives we help each customer to make the right choices and achieve their ambitions, e.g. guidance in choosing the right design of a glass bottle for a premium product line. We also provide oenological consultation.

From planning to execution, our expert team works with the customer creating distinctive strategies and turning them into actions and desirable results. Within our services we provide technical consultation and guidance to build your own winery or bottling facility – TURNKEY PROJECTS.

We design and deliver differentiated customer solution that will help them to profitably and functionally grow their business.

Being Good is Good BUSINESS
Dame Anita Roddick

Our Everyday Aim

We treat client and suppliers with honesty and respect. Our service standards provide our customers cost-effective solutions on time, with the most appropriate equipment.

Innovative brand new or used industrial equipment and logistic solutions that recognize the value of customer care. Our company researches and provides advanced technology that enhances the quality of our customers’ working environment.

Our Everyday Aim
Sales & Customer Care

Sales & Customer Care

In addition to the distribution system our Customer Care department visits on a weekly basis all customers in Cyprus with the ability to deliver smaller volume of orders.